Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Model #4: Katy Lim

Baby Katy :) What you see is not what you always get. She's shy, quiet and scary. If I tell people she's a model, they'd be like "what???" and think that I just abuse my power over her. As a matter of fact, I do =)) but that's coz, like One Direction puts it, "if only you saw what I could see, then you'd understand why I want you desperately." :) And in the end, she rocked the stage and was surrounded by hungry fans coz of her sexiness. SO PROUD OF YOU :) 

When I make her pose, she looks awkward and pilit =)) but when I take candid shots, she looks like she's posing! *jackie chan meme* seeee ^^ !! @0@


 Le hungry sexy beast =))

leather jacket with leopard accents
black tube top with leopard neck piece (to explain its absence, i forgot to let her put it on :<)
weavy leopard pants


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