Friday, April 29, 2011

The wonderful world of Taiwan Day 2

Here we go again with the berets. Just so you'd know, I wore them throughout the whole trip. :P This piece is my first <3 I made it last last year if I remember correctly. It wasn't as nice before - the lining was bad, stitches were zigzagged when it's supposed to be straight, etc.. but I fixed it, tore it to pieces and sewed it again and now it's all better. :) I felt like a doctor doing surgery.

 Overexposed shots. . but it has a very cool and flattering effect :)


I took a risk with this outfit. I think the plaid socks over the gray tights is a bit unusual but the hell with it.

This is me. =)) I'm not a fan of visiting too many Buddhist temples but I like to observe their intricate designs and interesting architectural designs though.

Close up!

My vintage-style necklaces and bangles tied together with a polka dot ribbon to avoid the ding-ding noise.

zebra beret by me
white polka dot shirt from Zara
denim shorts from Bluenotes in Canada
gray leggings with floral print from Giordano
brown plaid socks from Japan
red suede flats with button detail from Figliarina
red trench coat from Giordano
brown monochrome bag from Gucci
casette tape necklace (a gift from my neighbor Maicka)
cross necklace (it's my sister's from way way back)
heart neclace with opening from Sears in Canada
yellow polka dot bangle from Maldita
assorted metal bangles from H&M
red polka dot ribbon I got from my luggage
oversized shades from Matthew Williamson for H&M


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