Saturday, April 30, 2011

The wonderful world of Taiwan DAY 5

A lot of the pieces I brought for the trip were re-worn over and over again - namely shoes and accesories. That's coz I am absolutely certain there's gonna be a lot of shopping done so I need as much space in my luggage as possible. Imagine if I brought different pieces for each and every outfit.. I saved a lot of space. :) But we still ended up having our luggage overweight by 20 pounds in total. :P Whoops.

                                                                   Le fabulous giant

Horizontal stripes ain't so bad as they say...

my new hat =)) The sun was merciless again that day. My beret could not fully protect my hair and face so I had to buy a cap. Luckily, I found one that suits my outfit. This picture was taken at the bullet train station while waiting for the train to arrive. I was obviously bored. :P See the magazines I was holding. I bought 3 that day. I couldn't resist. Their magazines are soo cool.. with all the japanese fashion in them.

Hello new shoes. :) This pair is one of the things I managed to find during panic-buying at Sogo. :P

zebra beret made by me
oversized shades from Matthew Williamson for H&M
blue shirt with white horizontal stripes from Zara
neon pink camisole
blue striped shorts from Esprit in HK
sheer black socks from 7-Eleven in Taiwan
blue leather flats with bunny detail from Sogo in Taiwan
yellow polka dot bangle from Maldita
chain bracelet from Juicy Couture
casette tape necklace
brown monochrome bag from Gucci
blue denim cap with silver stars and dots from a souvenir store in Taiwan


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