Friday, April 29, 2011

Superman's fashion sense

One afternoon, I was thinking about those people who make a difference. Those people are usually doctors, lawyers, founders, corporate owners and the like. They’re the ones who evidently contribute to the good of society. Then I found myself saying, what about me? I want to imprint my own legacy too but I’m quite decided that I will pursue a fashion career in the future. What does fashion have to do with the world’s sake? Sure I can do charities, advocacies and all but I’m not even sure if I will have the time and energy to balance everything in my life. I have other ambitions, dreams and “quotas” as well so I can’t always try making the world a better place.

Then an answer popped up. Fashion is not as superficial as it seems after all. A lot of successful personas make a change, yes, but who dresses them? The fashion people behind the scenes, that’s who! Think of it this way. If they look like trash bags, would the public take them seriously? If they wear wooden barrels as clothes, would anyone even bother hearing what they have to say? Would they even be where they are right now? No, no and no. The world is beautiful and yet cruel. Sure, physical appearance is not everything but it is a something. That’s just how we all are. We always have to dress the part. And that’s where fashion jumps in the picture.

From weavers, seamstresses, aspirants to owners of luxurious couture houses and icons like Chanel, we fashion folk are like part of a production crew. The show will not be complete without us.

So you see, fashion is definitely not useless. It does make an impact but most just don’t realize it.


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