Monday, August 29, 2011

She BANGS her head on the door

New haircut! I cut my bangs the other day coz I was getting frustrated with it =)) It was getting really long and boring, I just had to do something about it. So I grabbed my wonderful wonderful texturing scissors and started snipping. BUT I cut em too SHORT! GUUHHH!!!!! The only remedy for this situation is to cut it even shorter and achieve the super Asian look.

I dreaded the fact at first. But I came to love this new look. :) I feel like I was born again. hahahaha :P :P

Lights combination: pinks, oranges and whites :) hihihi been experimenting!

hindi talaga pantay, ok? =)) made it zigzaggy on purpose!

My top is actually on backwards :P I don't like the front that much. There's just a stylish girl walking on a street. :\

Can I just say... I look very very very Asian.. =))

newsprint silky top from somewhere in Hong Kong
pink bowtie headband from Walmart, LA


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