Sunday, September 04, 2011


Frustrated... coz of false hopes. :| I was supposed to go to the beach a couple of times now but I always end up stuck in the city. :< SO out of frustration and while shopping instead, I bought this floral print dress from Forever 21 :P It reminds me of the beach and I am soo gonna wear this when I finally get there! NO ONE IS GONNA STOP MEHH!! =)) exag.

hmm.. ... ... I think I looked better off camera. And this dress looks a lot duller in this photo. And my accessories ain't seen.. curses faulty photography skills *^*

I also bought these boots out of frustration for not going to Hong Kong in the long weekend. hehehe :P This here is my day look :) Boots can be substituted for cutesy heels or wedges :)

And this here is my night look :) Perfect for strolling down the streets abroad with all these city lights flashing down. I MISS HONG KONG. BOO. :|

Starry printed silk lining with red accent. A great lining is a luxury that only the wearer can enjoy. :)

Favorite pictyoorr :D I look so cool here!! B-} This photo screams "OHOHOHO I HAVE SOMETHING YOU WANT AND I'M NEVER GONNA GIVE IT TO YA IN A MILLION YEARS!" oh yeah. B-)

Floral button down dress from Forever 21
Suede ankle boots from Aldo
Black leather jacket from Zara, HK
pink wooly beret from somewhere in Paris
hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.
Blue bangle from Accessorize
Pearl and metal bracelet from Betsey Johnson, NY
Twisty hair studs from Divi
Red ribbon from my luggage =))
Rings from Regina's and Charlotte Russe


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