Sunday, September 25, 2011


One of the most awaited events during intrams is the cheerdance competition :) wherein the best dancers of each batch wear cutesy cheer uniforms and show everyone how cool and sexy their batch is :) I want to make a cheer uniform tuloy =))

First up, ZEPHEUS :)
Left: Serious mode :O   Right: their colors are
magnificent and their uniforms are cutteee but
sure wish the stripes were bigger and bolder!
Hello Lily :) AND NO WHITEZ! 8| 

Left: 2 story pyramid :)    Right: back bend with attitude B-)

Left: they look so.. dark considering
it's a cheerdance :o cute nonetheless =))
     Right: amazing hairflip!!

Left: their songs are the coolestt!! 
Right: waving at fellow Phoenix people
:) hahahaha parang celebrities =))


Left: Don't you think their swagger came a
year too early? :-? Right: 2 story pyramid
with leg raise :0 omgee

Left: i got em moves like jagger~~
Right: Zenith will probably hate me but
can I just say their uniform is so cute! :P
 Pink e =))

Left: stunts again :O      Right: ending pose :)


Left: Our uniform is unique :) We're the only
ones who didn't have cliche pleated skirts :>
Right: Pikachu =))

Left: Zenith maximizing the dance area
symbolizes Zenith domination :>
Right: props :> added creativity!

Left: Player dance :) STRICTLY SENIORS
ONLY! >:) Right: annoying move =)) ahahaha

HUUUGG :) That's what you call sportsmanship :]


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