Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hello hello KATY :> yes you! Did you have another heart attack? =)) Well well well... =)) you see, Katy (and other readers out there), this week's post is all about YOU. :) :) :> SURPRISE SURPRISE. :> I didn't know you read my blog, ok? Napahiya tuloy ako ahahahhahahaha So anyways, you might wonder ..why write about you? Eh.. wala lang. *evil smile* Hope you don't mind me posting your pictures here HEHEHE

Who is this chick anyway? Well she's the awesomest friend~slash~musician~slash~secret agent you would ever meet! HELL YEAH. This is a tribute to her awesomeness. RAK ON.

Kaytz, I browsed through your FB photos and stole some, kay? Apparently, looking at over 300 photos of just one person makes one feel like she has lost a couple of brain cells. Not to mention going over em four times =)) AHHAHAHA kiddin!

Hey while I was browsing, I found out a couple of stuff about you and some questions rose. 1) Was I mistaken when I thought your favorite color is blue? It's green, isn't it? Coz you seem to wear a lot of green! Plus, your school bag is green! Nikolei sent me the wrong info! :O GASP. Why didn't you tell me? =)) 2) You have glasses???? :O or the pair that you wore in one of your pictures are just the novelty kind? 3) You starred in a movie! =))) AHAHHAHA too bad I couldn't load the video! Show me pls! I wanna watch! 8D You looked sooo coollll 4) omg. I shall write the 4th one in my next letter. Let's just say that I got a little @~@ when I saw this AHAHAHAHHA Spaz attack

Ok a part of the reason why I post this thing is coz we have a 4-day vacation and I know you're gonna be itching for my next letter so... this thing is like a teaser hahahha

You hair looks really nice here! :)

cuttiieeee =)))) such a rocker chic forever!


Is this BBL? =)) What was she doing to you?? =))

So anyways, hope you ain't embarrassed with your pictyorz =P hehehe

<insert picture of us that's not too EEW to show the blogworld here>

Since we have just one picture together (where I look like a total freak and you look like a Colgate model), we should camwhore sometime, kay? Intrams :> :>

And since this is a fashion blog (sorta), Imma describe your style :> correct me if I'm wrong ah. Katy usually wears.... cargo bottoms, green shirts, sneakers. punk rocker look. Katy is now trying to be gurlier :>:> by wearing a thin yellow headband that compliments her curly locks reaal nice. :) If you need some help with your be-more-girly mission, you know what number to call. :> LOVE YA text me if you read this


Ashke said...

Hay Wong, only you can get away with this. =)))))


Nicole Wong said...

i know right! =)) i abuse my privelegess =))

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