Saturday, July 02, 2011

As promised

Here are more pictures from Welcoming rights :) edited. I've grown a fascination towards bloomed photos nowadays. I think they're better than vintage looking ones :)

Charidence <3 My colorful leg accessories stand out! We look like scrambled eggs =)) Yellow and white :P with loads of pepper

Me and Ge :) This photo is bloomed coz we are blooming like blossoming flowers =))

That's my shobe, Graziel! I dressed her up as a Flamenco-dancing Zorro =)) Look! We have matching leg accessories! ;D Hello darling! Hello to other Prudence people too! Thanks for tuning in to my blog! :) Lav ya all! You guys are the greatest!

My shobe ish shoo preetty! :O That's me trying to convert her into rainbow bakla =) FAILED. I shall get you next time >:] Love ya anyways!

She's the chick I mentioned in my previous post, Julia! =)) We fierce like tiger! RAAWR. =)) ALAVET.

We go together like peanut butter and cream cheese =D~

I could not find any DECENT photos of us, by the way =)) Our POWERS are too strong =))
Photo courtesy of Geraldine Yu and Nikolei Sy :)


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