Saturday, July 23, 2011

TANK you can handle this?

OHOHOHO My first shoot with Amore <3 :) Theme: versatility of tank tops

Tank tops are one of the staples that every closet should have. These babies aren't just for hot weather or for casual wear. You can fit these in with almost every piece of clothing you have. Sneak them in with...

... a short dress to add some pizzazz. Opt to wear a lacey one like in the picture above to maintain the semi-formal look. I think if you go for an ordinary tank top, it would tone down the elegance of the outfit. :O

red pinstriped short tube dress from Crossings; light gray lacey tank top from my sister's closet :P; pink beret from Paris, France; bangles from H&M

... a hanging top (unless you have abs.. then don't =P). This look brings back the aerobics style of the 80's. :) Very hip and it enhances the silhouette of the waist. :)

black hanging top with peach lace accent from H&M; white and bluegreen striped tank top from Gap

 ... a camisole, a chunky necklace and a waist belt. Well, in this case, the camisole has a built-in 'tutu' in the end. :P looks very fun and feminine, doesn't it? :) :)

pink and white chunky pearl necklace from Kamiseta; off-white camisole with a 'tutu' from Taiwan; apple green tank top from F21; yellow polka dot bangle from Maldita

... a tube top and a cap. The tube top serves as added life to a plain white tank top. This look kinda looks sporty because of the cap but you could shift the 'genre' by pairing it with a short skirt. :)

red and white polka dot cap from somewhere in Europe; white tank top from Maldita; red tube top from F21


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