Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today classes were suspended \:D/ due to typhoon :/ and so now I am here bloggin' coz I don't have much homework for tomorrow. :) I made a twitter btw! My seatmates Nicole Sy and Clarissa Ting (heyyy!!) finally persuaded me to make one. :P

Hmm... I don't have anything to blog about right now. I've been exuberantly devicing a plan for my debut next year <3 <3 OHOHO it's gonna be EPIC. Well here's a sneak peak: The theme is Betsey Johnson-ish with a huge huge fashion show featuring my first ever collection 8D either directed by me or some other company :P :P complete with lights, music, models blaaah. There would also be a pre-debut grand photoshoot by a super super fabulous photographer. I won't be naming names here coz these aren't final yet :P

See how costly this is. :O Should I go for sponsorship? HAHAHAH it's that bongga! Plus, my plans are very very strategic :> :> this might make me famouse one day OHOHOHO =)) and a normal debut doesn't appeal to me anymore.. I want something different :> :>

tralala~ I posted some old photos I took just for the heck of it :D This entry feels so incomplete without pictures :P

leaf lying on my window sill with droplets of rain above it

The Catcher in the Rye

My view from the window. Very very scary at night *0* but pretty ;) Sometimes I see some catte and carabaos walking around eating leaves and stuff =))

Daffodils outside a hotel in Canada past 10pm :)


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