Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Feeling ad model. hihihi 8-|

GAY. =))
My outfit for that day. It feels kinda compromised though but I'm dying to wear the top I recently got. I'm feeling kinda hopeless and regretful for buying it coz I can't seem to match it with any piece so I forced it to work and tied a knot on the side to make it shorter and fit better.

My skirt <3 one of my latest creations this summer. Made with white cotton stretch and printed silk. I've always wanted a white pleated miniskirt like this.. and after years of finding nothing, I've grown impatient and made one. Status: satisfied. *thumbs up

A closer look...

Black fedora from a debut
3/4 sleeved hanging top from Forever 21
striped camisole from Gap
white pleated mini by me
white flats with apple centerpiece from a night market in Taiwan


recycledspices said...

PHABULOUS :)) HAHAHHAHAHA kakalurki! @-)

Nicole Wong said...

i know ur laughing agaaiinn... admit it /:) =)))

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