Tuesday, May 03, 2011

how can you say I was the culprit?

My brother said I looked like a good girl. Hahahaha do I? and most importantly, am I? :>

While I was looking around at a market place in Taiwan, my eye caught a splash of color outside a shop with a slight ethnic and homey vibe. I ignored it thinking that it might not be something interesting or something I would wanna buy. But as we were heading back to the meeting place, I passed by it again. I decided to take a look this time since there was still a good 15 minutes to kill coz there's nothing much to see there compared to other marketplaces. I flipped the unknown colorful thing and I think my eyes sparkled when I saw that it was an owl - a very unique, unusual and absolutely beautiful owl made of different kinds of texturized printed cloths. I just had to have it. And so I did. :)

I wore this number at a friend's surprise party but without the extensions though. I do not want to have a heat stroke, thank you very much. :)

white shirt from Roxy in the US
pink overalls with ruffles from Forever 21
blue socks from Nike
white chucks from Converse
pink headband with ribbon from Walmart in L.A.
owl draw-string backpack from a store in Taiwan
hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.


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