Tuesday, May 24, 2011

money doesn't grow on trees...

...hats do! I have a little hat tree in my super pink room :)

There! It has plastic branches, ribbons and everything :) and of course, hats - from cowboy hat, berets, fedoras to caps, newspaper boy hat and whachamacallits =D The base actually came from my sister's suitor <3 =)) whom she turned down :P It used to be filled with balloons, ribbons and whatever. My sister didn't want it and it was obvious that she was just going to throw it away... but nooooooooooooo I wanted it! So there. I transformed it into a hat tree :)

Say hello to 2 new members of the hat family tree! My parents, brother and sis-in-law just came home from Europe today and they got me some swell caps! They claim there's nothing much to shop there but I saw alot of hand-carry baggages... /:)

rad looking cap from somewhere in Europe. The details aren't quite seen in the photo though.

Polka dot cap! HELLO FRIENDS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS... BWAHAHHAHA!!! Another hat to make y'all be like WHATTHEHELL all over again coz of my choice in hats - me wearing hats in general actually. :>


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