Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Takes more than just spools of thread and tough thumbs

Meet my bestfriend :) the fabulous Brother sewing machine :) I got it at Walmart for 70 bucks 3 years ago. What wonders you find in Walmart <3

Here are my other bestfriends :) my Ipod nano and iMini speakers :) They keep things colorful when I'm sewing or basically when I'm doing whatever.

And here's my newfound love of my life <3 A shiny leopard print spandex I got from Kamuning. Yes, spandex. The woman there says its part of the spandex family.. and I was like..ok O.O coz I was still fascinated with it. but its texture is sort of like wool and is just A LITTLE BIT stretchy... so it's kinda hard to believe.

I was looking around Kamuning yesterday for materials for the costumes and my eyes - which always catch a glimpse of something extraordinary or interesting and fall inlove with it - sparkled as I saw the textile and a fabulous beret instantly popped in my head. It takes about half a yard to make a beret but I got 2 yards. No, I'm not gonna make a lot of berets but I'm planning to do something with the excess cloth. I still don't know what I would do but I just gotta get my hands on this cloth! and so i bought it :D not wise. very not wise.. but.. just like my case with the green zebra cotton stretch, I didn't know what to do with it but I bought it anyway... and days after, I created a very chic sexy halter dress :D Who knows what wonders I will create with something as unique as a leopard print "spandex"?


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