Sunday, May 15, 2011

costume change!

I don't get why some of the pictures came out grainy. : <  Anyways, here's more takes from the photoshoot :)
                                             Cupcakes are friends <3

                                                                Partners in crime
We so awesome :>

On me:
white top with bow detail from H&M
lace miniskirt from a nightmarket in Taiwan
blue flower ring from Reginas
dark gray quilted clutch from Zara
hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.
mini mouse hairclip from Disneyland in Japan
*brown leather gladiator heels from Aldo

Ann's first outfit:
*see previous post

Ann's second outfit:
red cardigan
white polka dot dress
black stockings
bottle cap necklace made by her :D
LOVE connector ring from Girlshoppe
pink and white flower ring from Reginas


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