Sunday, May 01, 2011


Ok here are some of the things that caught my attention in Taiwan - mostly architecture though. Besides fashion and other arts like photography, I also love architecture. I mean, I love seeing and taking photos of beautiful designs and all but me actually designing an actual building? ... no way. :P ZERO skill. I'll stick to fashion instead.

Left: A golden retriever in full easter costume walking around near the Flora Expo. Absolutely tremendously adorable! It had a little pouch hanging around somewhere. Maybe it was asking for donations of some sort. Sorry, couldn't read the chinese characters in his costume. :)) I wonder where his owner is.. I should have taken him home. :P I always wanted to have a golden retriever.. but I'm happy with my 3 little shih tzus though.

Right: curved corridor outside a temple 


Left: corridors of some floors in a hotel. Mesmerising, right?

Right: sky-high stairs near a temple. What a journey climbing that thing!
Left: floor outside a temple

Right: from the window in the plane

Left: A pillar in a hotel. See the contrast between the straight lines and the texture at the bottom.

Right: Taiwan 101 - the tallest building there. It has a mall inside <3 with lots of famous labels

 Left: Marvelous awe-striking ceiling of a temple

Right: golden wall inscriptions at another temple

Left: At an outdoor leisure place in a hotel. Like major WOW. Bongga.

Right: Events place at a hotel. The white thing is for the lights. O0O I miss my days playing with the theatre lights and working with my fellow Dramatics Guild production crew. :) Boy, we were hella gay. =)) (not pertaining to gender)

 Left: pillars and ceiling of a hotel. Man, these hotel architects are total genuises.

Right: LOVE statue outside Taiwan 101 


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