Thursday, May 24, 2012

0.0v crooo~

AHAHAHA something is hella wrong with me today. 8D But then again, always naman eh. =)) weeeeee~ okkkk anywaaays, ignore my odd behavior! 8D I think this is the result of too much ice cream and having watched a toy chick get smashed by a toy truck multiple times, then get thrown at the wall. @____@ I mourn for the chick. ; _ ; AHUHUHUHUHU 

This is sucha cuteeee fez! 0.0v Pigeon Awkward Peace Sign (PAPS) 8D it means sorta like "I don't give a damn to what you're saying or dunno what the hell you talking about so i'm just gonna make pigeon noises coz I don't know how to do cricket noises.. and give you this awkward peace sign." 8D =)))

I was sober when I had the shoot. :)) Kinda sleepy, actually. bum bum dibum bum bum dibumbum~

It's been a while since I last had an outfit post. :0 And now I'm wondering what type of blog this is... I don't think it's considered a fashion blog anymore coz I post a lot of random stuff here. =))  Oh wellz papelz~ 

 Hyperactive little girl wants to go out and play.

Shirt off! So plain @0@

light denim button down shirt from Giordano
yellow tank top from Forever 21
highwaist lace skirt from H&M
leather heels from Kookai


Carmen said...

Hey dear!
Thank you so much for following :)
Nice outfit ;)

Cassaela said...

Love how you put the denim shirt over the vest!
The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

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