Monday, May 07, 2012

HK Day 2: Harbour City

Our usual place to go to whenever we visit the wonderful world of HK! :) I love looking at luxury brands there. (Emphasis on the LOOK). =)) It's just that these famous luxury brands are of very recognized designers from fashion capitals and I appreciate the art in their work.. from the concept, production to the final product. I could see why they are very expensive -_- but very very valuable :)  but there are also so many places to go that are RELATIVELY wallet-friendlier, like the City' Super, Zara and Page One!!! Across from it is another mall where you'll find H&M! And if you walk a little farther, BOOM!! MORE STORES! WEEEEEE~~~ I love HK :)

 Me just finished pigging out at the best dimsum place everr!! Right beside Novotel Hotel, Jordan 

 My mother should never ever be a dentist. =))

 Streets of Hong Kong :)

The Chinese dude from the camera shop writing our bill. -_- We bought a lot of stuff :D My daddy is also into photography :)) Bought an external flash, other protective thingies and new lens for Amore <3 but I had to trade in my old one to have a HKD500 discount. At first, I was @0@!!!! Sentimental value -_-

 K11 is a mall for modern art lovers like me! You'll find random artworks everywhere! Hello inspiration~ They even have a studio where they teach people art and stuff.

 Art exhibit of students' works

 Harbour City Mall!!! Hype :)

 vintage Chinese boat

 Parents enjoying the sunset <3 breaktime from following me around =))


 A wild hawk appeared @0@ It is an omen! GAASSPPP!!!

Can I just say... BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY IS SOO HARD!!! =))

nerd glasses from H&M
light gray tank top from F21
white knit sleeveless thingo?? from XOXO
red high waist skirt from F21
sneakers from Polo Ralph Lauren
pink leather bag from Coach Poppy


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