Saturday, June 25, 2011

isSHOES of the world part 2

Wow. I did not expect my article on shoes to be this lengthy :)) CONTINUATION

*platforms - ultra fabulous. These are a product of deception. It looks as though it's so hard to wear because they are sky-high but in reality, when you have the right proportion of heel height and platform height, your feet may not even have to be that pointed. Very cool.

*pumps - These are anything with a closed back and low-cut front. In short, they are just heels. =)) They are usually unadorned with doodads or any of that sort but they are now seen with details like buckles, straps and some designs at the front. I like my pumps to be round-toed and made of suede-y material.

*saddle shoes - often called as oxfords but in reality, they are just a type of oxfords. :P They are two-toned shoes with a saddle-shaped panel in the middle, as the name implies. Color combinations ranges from black, white and brown but nowadays, I see pairs which have different colors and prints on them. Like oxfords, they are gorgeous with shorts.

*square-toed shoes - They are anything with a square shaped end. They are widely popular in the 60's. :) These are shoes you don't normally see everyday. But I do hope that this would become a trend someday.

 *sling backs - I'm not a fan of these but I don't hate them either. They're moderately ok. Some hurt the back of your feet while walking though. The strap behind acts like a seatbelt. It keeps your foot in place but it also restrains your foot from any more movements. I personally think that sling backs add sophistication.

*stilettos - the all-poplular stilettos are shoes with very thin and very high heels so they're very very sexy. It's challenging to wear these because you have to literally balance the ball of your foot on a stick. As with other heels, please please do not wear these when it just rained. You will sink in a matter of seconds on a muddy soil and will risk your fabulous and pricey stilettos to get wet, muddy or worse, stuck permanently on whatever.


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