Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'll take my chances :)

Last week a text from my dad who was in Hong Kong then, greeted me. It says that he bought me a new Canon 600D. That totally made my day. :) I started thinking about my new camera then and what wonders I will create with it.

As you can all see in the picture above, I named my new camera AMORPHOUS FREON or AMORE. =)) When I was taking up Chemistry in junior year, those two words really "captured my fancy". I love how they sound and how they bring such exoticness. I was meaning to name that to my future son but luckily for him, my camera was the one "victimised". Well, that name is quite masculine actually.. that's why I was caught off guard when a pretty pink and white bag came with it =))

Anyways, I made use of the long weekend doing all sorts of stuff. One thing was finishing my entry for the batch production crew auditions. We had to fill in a write-up and submit a banner and logo design for our batch Zenith's intramurals this year. Results aren't in yet; so, my fingers are still crossed. :O Ever since I was a freshman, I've been wanting to join that group but sadly, I didn't qualify. This year, even though I have a lot of DG stuff in my  hands, I still hope to pass. Here's my entry:
I don't consider it as a masterpiece though. Hope it's good enough :P As said in the title, I'LL TAKE MY CHANCES.


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