Saturday, June 25, 2011

isSHOES of the world

 Based on a shoe story.

Get it? =)) I really should stop incorporating the word SHOE to generally-known statements. :P so anyways, in case you have not noticed, this post is all about shoes! GASP. =)) I promise a more personal post with my own pictures next time :P A few days ago, I was inspired to write about shoes, bags and accessories for some reason.

SHOES IN GENERAL. I love em. They can make or break any outfit. Each pair has its own "personality" and it's up to the wearer to match em up. For uncomfortable ones, I say, aesthetics is never said to be painless. But it does give me a bundle of bliss when I acquire a pair that doesn't hurt. :)


*ballet flats - This is my favorite kind of shoes. It is very feminine and gives a cutesy look especially when paired with skirts and shorts. These are for casual get-ups but can be worn for formal events too. Their level of elegance is somewhere in between that of the sneakers and heels.

*boots - my second favorite be it ankle, calf, knee or thigh high. Suede ones have always captured my heart but I also love those made of leather. I'm not very fond of cowboy boots though. I do not like those rain boots either. :\ I like my boots in a classic color like brown, black and white. Boots with faux fur also makes me all *u*. I prefer boots to have 2" heels at most or no heels at all. But what contradicts my statement is the fact that I have a pair that is sky-high made of black patent leather. I call em my Catwoman Boots! They are an exception. I rest my case.

Boots look adorable with tights, be it skinny jeans, leggings, stockings or socks. Wear em with a short casual dress too to look extra extra chic. :) It doesn't have to be winter/autumn to wear these fabulous things. Too bad people here in the Philippines are not used to seeing others wear boots. You often get "the stare" when you dress up out of the ordinary. :O

*sandals - 3rd favorite. I like em flat, strappy and chic. I like gladiator-ish or feminine. Sandals are a very casual and outdoorsy footwear. I think they go great with absolutely everything (well, depending on its personality and all).

*boat shoes - these amuse me. Well, a lot of things amuse me.. but still. These shoes are originally for men. Sailors, actually. It's one of those things that people innovated as a fashion piece then later on, altered it a bit to make it wearable by women. Again, very casual and gives the sporty vibe.

*kitten heels - I abhor these. I personally think that if shoes (except boots) should have heels, they should have at least 2". Not so chic, for me. Get them away from me =))

*Mary janes - I love theesseeee. They're so cute :) Gives off the innocent school girl look. They look great with knee high socks, short skirts and tops with peter pan collars. =)) They don't look great with everything though. They might make you look like a nerd or something.

*mules - I do not like mules either. They are backless shoes with a closed toe. Period.

*oxfords - These are lovely. Similar to saddle shoes. These are laced shoes usually made of leather and are originally for men. Oxfords can be designed as a 'fusion' of spectator shoes and wingtips. Can be both formal and casual. Very gorgeous when paired with shorts. :)

*peep-toe heels - Basically these are heels with a small opening in front to let your little piggies breathe. :) Very very chic. It looks formal if it's made out of shiny or velvety material. It can be for casualwear too but it's still rather dressy.


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