Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi! Okay so I mentioned that I was having technical difficulties, yes? It turns out that my blog has reached the limit for the storage space. GASP I DID NOT KNOW THAT THERE WAS SUCH A THING. @0@ I looked for other hosts and found that Tumblr has no limit. I'm going back to Tumblr, folks. =)) Even though it hated me before T__T But oh wells. The thought of not blogging makes me uneasy. :)) And this blog is full of embarrassing stuff anyway =)) as in stuff that would make me go all WHY THE HELL DID I POST THAT??? EWWW!!!!! =)) so yeah. Fresh start :)

So here is my new blog. 

I'm doing it the WONG way

hahaha. clever :>

Hopefully, all ye readers would still follow me <3


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