Saturday, October 08, 2011

it's called SENIOR SWAG

I'm not quite sure if this is legal to do in school but I think the whole senior swag concept has clouded our minds. =)) and so we did it anyway. =)) We planked. and we owled. And we took pictures coz we're cool like that. =)) It was an adventure! I LOVE IT. CAN WE HAVE A REPLAY? During fair, game? =D

This is Jem, getting ready to do the planking :O

Ting struggling to climb up the ledge. OHOHOHO such a disturbing yet hilarious sight


Owling at the SAC Roofdeck!

Hoot hoot.

How did this, as well as owling, become a fad anyway? =))

Photo op with the owls, P5.00 each! lolz Ge owes me P5.00 now..

... but she transformed into an owl =))

'='  =))))

That's me and my huge butt! =)) Rachelle's the one under coz she fits =))
A plank among the leather carpets..

It's ouchie to plank on hard spherical surfaces D;

Che the owl and her plank, Jem =)

You guys don't look like owls! You're more of squirrels =))


More people joined us in the plank-owl mania =)

even our shobes, Julia bakla and Anika bakla, planked with us :) psst, look at that girl on the far right.. =)) FAIL MARTHA.

ay karamba! =) lets do it again!


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