Friday, March 02, 2012

I have returned!

Oh em. It has been approximately 5 looong months since my last post. My apologies. :< Ok lemme explain myself :)) I felt like I was going nowhere with blogging.. I mean, who would wanna read my blog when there are soooo much better blogs out there, right? Plus, people lied when they said senior year's easy. AHAHA I could just laugh. Oh and my blogger crashed but now it's working fine \m/ =) So yeah, in short, due to circumstance, I took a very long and not so enjoyable break from blogging.

So why start again? Well, I love blogging. I've been blogging ever since. Those Multiply days... AHAHA Before blogging was cyoolz, I've been writing on diaries. So yeah. Documenting my life has kinda been my thing :) AND since today is officially the last day of senior year (academic-wise), I'm totally free~~ well, if you don't count the graduation practices and debut stuff I have to do.. 8[

SPEAKING OF WHICH, it is March! And I'm sooo dreading it! Why can't it still be Feb????? ; _ ; I'm sooo not ready for my debut. AHAHA dedbolz. Whatevz. I CAN DO THIS. JESS IS WITH ME AAAAALL THE WAY. YEZ. I'll be posting debut stuff next time! 8D Here's a sneak peak from my photoshoot though! :)

I am an animal. AHAHAHA

Blogging.. There's gonna be a WHOLE lot of changes. While in "vacation", I've been planning on how to improve meh blog when I return. Just see for yourselves ;) Don't bother looking at my previous posts! When I read em, I was soo "@______@ NAKAKAHIYAAA!! OH EM! WHAT WAS I DOING WITH MAH LAAYYFF????" And so, I sought reformation. =P Excited~ I promise to be committed! :P TTFN!


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