Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shawties: Cafe Publico

I turned 18 yesterday. I'm finally legal~~ And to celebrate, lez have a bottle of.... WATER. Yes, water. After going around Greenhills for a while, a friend and I chilled at Cafe Publico in Promenade. I heard they serve some pretty mean ice cream <3 
me: "can I have some water?"
waitress: *gives us water in a wine bottle*
me: @0@ -is this what it's like to be legal?? Ask for water, they give you white wine???? oh wait.. it's water.. OHHH EEEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM COOOOLL!!!!-

Straciatella gelato <3 mmm..

me forever alone playing chess by myself </3

Sources of amusement for kids. Katy and I actually played just for the hell of it. :)) We were amused. Kinda weird though coz me = 18. legal. adult. amused by stuff for children. -_- clearly not feeling the whole IM A LEGIT ADULT NOW thing. T'hell with that :)) there's so many things I need to cross out in my STUFF I MISSED OUT WHEN I WAS A KID list.

 Gives you buckets filled with chill vibes~ The decor actually contributed a whole lot to the cafe's success. I just ordered a gelato but I got soo HOWAAAWW with the whole ambiance that I would surely come back here again :)

random gate. I wonder if this actually leads to someplace. Narnia? :0


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