Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Today's sucha lovely day :) How am I gonna start this? Hmm.. Ok. So today, there was a CD signing of the bands that are gonna have a concert here - The Used, Cobra Starship, Dashboard Confessional and of course, The Cab. <3 Katy and I went to SM North Edsa Sky Dome to meet and greet them!!!!! We arrived there soo early @0@ To kill time, we walked around the mall, scavenging for her dress. AND OH EM GEE. IT IS SUCH AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO PICK HER A DRESS SHE ACTUALLY APPROVED OF. Whatta happy girl I was. 8D

This post is mainly about The Cab coz they're my favorite band \m/ YEAAHH~ and I'm not so familiar with the others :)) Photos taken with my Darling phone. :) Pictures are grainy :<

Random fish from a pet store! We were bored, obviously =)) It's smiling! HI FIISSHHIIEEE 8D

Sky Dome ceiling @0@ LAVET

Waiting in line with fellow fans. Let me tell you this.. THEY ARE SOOOO WORTH THE WAIT. <3 <3 

 Started off with these CD's and really big eager beaver smiless... I was wearing my customized The Cab shirt from our Entrepreneurial Fair @U@ So many photographers wanted to take our pictures and video :> We are so gonna be famous. AHAHAHA whatever. What if I see us both on TV...? I'm gonna laugh so hard =))

went home with this! The Cab CD graced by their autographs <3 <3 <3 <3 and a veeerrryyyy unforgettable experience 8D

The crowd getting ready to line up @U@

THE CAB !!!!!!! We met. We greeted. We hugged. We talked. THEY WERE SO NICE!!! Clearly, I am still being a fan girl at the moment. =)) Hangover

Meet my new darling, Alex Marshall. He is mine. =))) <3 <3 <3 Y U SOOO CUTEEE???? 

The End =)) I'm so tired. We still have school tomorrow. @___@ nnnooooo....


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