Monday, March 05, 2012

Singapore Photoshoot

Shops there close at around 10. SO EARLY. So what was I supposed to do after?? My parents stayed in another room. They sleep early too. My brother goes out at night. So now what? Sleep? NO WAY. Photoshoot? SURE :>

My airport outfit :) veerry comfyy. Yes, I was wearing a pajama top the whole day.. in public.. coz I'm cool like that B-) =)) 

See? It doesn't look like sleepwear =) or does it? I didn't receive any WTH stares from people, anyway :))

Pajama top from La Senza
Leopard print fedora from somewhere in Hong Kong
Striped Scarf from Oxygen
*I dunno which leggings I wore that day. haha :P

 Spring time :) Whatta jolly girl I felt when I wore this :) It's like I could just skip along a grass field while carrying a basket full of flowers.. =)) Lalalala~ 8D

V-neck shirt from Bench Body
Floral dress from F21
Straw fedora from F&H
Low cut Chucks

Jolly outfit but sly smile :0 GASP! Deception!

There was one night when my brother joined me. He didn't want those vain photoshoots I always do.. :< so he thought of something else. MONEY. He wanted to act like he's a total millionaire and stuff, so I told him to throw some money in the air. Unfortunately, we only had some small change in our wallets.. and now, he looks more like a magician summoning money, instead of white doves. =)) FAIL.


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