Saturday, March 03, 2012

Singapore: Art and Architecture

Lookie here! I was just browsing through my files and found a stack of photos taken when my family and I went to Singapore last December. So why not blog about it? 8D Singapore <3 I was still sucha naive little girl the last time I went there. That's why I got awestruck when I saw the sights last year. The place was filled with inspiration! Amore and I had a really nice time taking lots of pictures <3 Photo dump time!

Lighted stairway in our hotel <3 ALAVET. Imagine yourself wearing a gorgeous gown, slowly walking down the stairs like a total princess! AHAHA  

Le me (so not a princess) not resisting to take pictures! 8D plaid button down shirt and skinny jeans from Giordano (paired with light gray tank top from F21), Chucks. 

If I were to describe my style.. it's laid back + chic. :) Sorta like feminine pieces paired with  comfy ones. But with this ensemble, I leaned more towards the "laid back" coz that was when we were already going to the airport and leaving Singapore <///3 but I didn't want to wear an outfit that looks too much like what a guy would wear.. so I opt for a tank top underneath the unbuttoned shirt. :)

Outside a tailoring store :O I was just strolling around then I saw this! @U@ stacks of rolls of printed cotton for men's shirts! <3 I love cloths, ok? =) 

Crystal ball fountain~

We stayed in Singapore for a couple of days. What we did: sight-seeing for half a day, shopping all the way~ daz how we roll <3  Inside one of the malls we hopped in. Architects are awesome here. Nuff said.

I am so not a ninja. =)) I think girl behind the table saw me =)

 I wanna climb up the glass doors.. game? =))

The hotel~ The purple things are actually balloons! It was almost new year's eve then. As soon as the clock strikes 12, these balloons will be let loose and will fall down the lobby. COOL.

 I mentioned above that we went sight-seeing for half a day. One of the places we went was the Universal Studios. While in a souvenir shop, I saw these lovely babies! <3 <3 I looked weird laughing to myself non stop. SUPER CUUTTEEE with their googly eyes =)) 

Another place was the butterfly garden somewhere in Sentosa. This butterfly gives me inspiration for a very elegant and badass dress in dark gray with bright red accent <3 TEXTURES~

 Singapore's Orchard Road at night~ blue Christmas lights everywhere! Gives off a very winter-y vibe~

Paragon Mall~ Heyy, do you see a red m&m? =)) Look closer =))


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