Saturday, March 10, 2012

A day in the life of.. WONGIE~

Some time ago, my friend Ann dared me to do the Your Day in Photos Instagram Challenge. It's when you take photos of what you're currently doing EVERY HOUR from the moment you wake up to the time you're gonna sleep. I ACCEPT. And yes, this is Blogger, not Instagram =) There's not always wifi wherever I go, okay? I chose this day coz I thought today's kinda interesting. I had some plans for today, like a styling session with my models BUUT that's postponed to another date. @_@ I figured I should still continue though coz I can't do this challenge on weekdays coz we can't take pictures during grad pracs :/ so yeaah~

A day in the life of me!

 10am: Since my styling session got postponed, I woke up kinda late. Around quarter to 11.. and boy, waking up by yourself is the most wonderful thing evaah! No pesky alarm clocks, no droopy eyes. AAAH~~~ I didn't wanna get outta bed so I cuddled with my stuffed pig Lechon for a while. I love weekends...

11am: Labeling debut invitations! YESSS they're heereee~ and I thought they're gonna arrive the week before the big day! I worry too much 8-|

12nn: My daddy suddenly called saying I have a lunch out with my sister and all. And so I rushed to dress up and ended up wearing this! :) I wore two of my favorite accessories :) The peacock necklace and the butterfly waistbelt <3 
animal print shirt from F21
60's mod skirt from F21
peacock necklace from Divisoria @0@
butterfly waistbelt from Zara

1pm: Lunch out with parents and sister at Alfredo's! Left - some pumpkin soup. It looks like an egg. LOL. Right - what was left of my baby back ribs and some unwanted carbs potato wedges. Looks like a savage beast feasted on the meat.. @_@

2pm: whatta lovely surprise to see Ann at the dentist today :) :) no photo ops daw with her. -_- faawwyynn. But here's the photo of the clinic =)

3pm: We went to this acupuncture place coz my daddy and sister badly need some needle work @_@ The place is kinda cool in a weird way =)) The outside is like a garden and there's a huge convent (?) across it, as seen in the picture on the right. Inside the clinic, it looks like a hospital but smells like a temple. =))

still 3pm: I got so bored that I played Temple Run nonstop =) lalalala~~

4pm: The monument in QC Circle. On my way home~ 

5 and 6pm: Continued labeling the invitations and now they're ready for distribution :) Well, for my guests, yeah. but as for family and my parents' friends, not yet :)) next time

7pm: prepared for tomorrow's meeting with the coordinators and lights/sounds supplier! And I chilled a bit with some good music -u-  I picked out songs to be played for the biiiig day too. Yeaah~ Chill AND productive.. -u-

8pm: Recently, I bought a new book :D I've been meaning to buy a book on pattern-making but I couldn't find a moderately priced one. </3 and then I saw this... I rejoiced. =)) Woohoo~ I'm learning~~~~~~ It won't be long til I can actually create articles of clothing from scratch and not by trial and error =))

9pm: I edited the photos for this blog entry. I'll probably be sleeping around midnight but due to a very high dose of boredom, I decided to blog tonight. :P I would have posted this a lot earlier if only I wasn't distracted by...

...this picture of my Alex Marshall. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH EM. <3

10pm: blogging while still distracted =) no picture available

So that's it! These are some of the things I did today :) How fast time flies! And now, I'll probably just chill some more or dance to the music~ lalallaalala~


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So that's why you want to take a photo with me =)))) LOOOOL.

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