Thursday, March 15, 2012

Styling Session

 Creating a collection doesn't mean you just have to draw, construct and let the model wear your masterpiece. If only it were that simple, life would be so much easier.. but a lot less fun. Way back, I thought it would only be like this.. but when fashion designer Michelle Lim was mentoring me, she proved otherwise. There's sooo much things to do and to consider! @0@ I started with a bunch of ideas and ended up with a very VERY different outcome. My model friends were surprised coz they saw my sketches but their outfits are way different =))

Today, we had our styling session. It's when you let models fit the clothes and determine what else they're gonna wear - shoes, accessories, hair, make-up etc. And even til today, we tweaked some of the outfits to make em look better.

Le clothes hanging pretty on their rack

more~ I'm not posting other pictures here yet. I want it to be a surprise =)) no spoilers :)) just this. :>

Fitting room

Our mess =)) I have more bags of shoes, accessories and whatnot though. Didn't bother to take pictures =)) lez just say it's like one part of the room was flooded

Let's look at it this way. There's a girl. She has a blog. She brought a camera. She was bored waiting. What do you think she would do? Troll with her camera and the mirror? EXACTLY. =)) Logic..

Another thing.. This girl also brought some hats. Feeling so insane from all the stress, she started playing with em and got so aliw with the tiger head one. my gulay. So tired that I couldn't even smile properly. -_-

EHEHEHE cute albino tiger <3 It's very comfy and warm -u- an okay substitute for a much wanted and needed hug from ahemahemahemahemyouknowwhoyouarebutimnotsosureifustillreadmahbloghehe <3

So.. despite being so 9_9, I still enjoyed the experience of creating a collection. And even though Achi Michelle made me feel sooooo insecure coz she's soooooo awesome and I'm soooooo not, I'm learning sooo much from her and I'm so glad to have her as a mentor. :)

It has been an eye-opener for me. I saw reality. I saw that doing what I love may not always be so easy. Fashion may hate me at times but I'll forever love it. :)

It's not over yet. :> Next stop, PHOTOSHOOT!

Pink beret from Paris, France
Albino tiger winter hat from a zoo in HK
Electric blue leopard print crop top from F21
Apple green tank top from F21
Denim shorts from Banana Republic
Red pumps from Charm Star


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