Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nalunod na Bampira

Citta Sommersa~ (under the sea) Our grad ball <3 Had such an amazing night with all meh friends :) esp in the dancing part! It is, however, a sad night for all of us as well.. :< coz it's the last major event we had together as a batch :< haaayz. Sooner or later, it's gonna be graduation day and we will all be taking our separate routes toward our destinies. 

In other news, I had quite a lot of time preparing for ball. And as you all know, free time = photoshoot :D

 Dress by Michelle Lim~ I am a lobster. =) but the date of a friend of mine told me I looked like a vampire =)) I took it as a compliment

 My usual hair style: curls + bangs. I tried something different that day. I had my hair teased + soft waves at the ends. Just coz I feel like it :) Sometimes change is good. :) Makes you stray away from monotony.

I picked the dress up about 2 weeks before ball and I just hung it on my closet handle. Yesterday, when I took it out, a wild leather jacket from Zara appeared underneath. Apparently, someone hung my jacket there as well but I somehow just didn't notice/remember. 

Then POOOOOFFF! I had a great idea! Why not wear the sexy leather jacket? It matches my dress anyway~ :> :> :> And so I did. I was thinking.. EVERYBODY'S GONNA BE WEARING A DRESS AND THAT'S IT. I DON'T WANNA BE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE, SO.. SMUG. :D 

People showered me with compliments naman. <3 I was literally all OH STOPP ITT, YOUUU~ <3 <3 =)) asdfgh bang bang bang

 Silver accessories to match the bead work on my dress :) 

Red velvet pumps by Charm Star. I honestly thought these heels would die on me but noooo~ They were able to survive the apocalypse that is my wild dancing. =)) 


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