Monday, March 12, 2012

Shawties: Spotlight on The Ronac Art Center

There's a very cool-looking building near my school that I wanted to visit for ages! I love contemporary art, esp. in architecture, and this building is a greeaatt example.

The Ronac Art Center: It has some restos outside. Inside, there's a huge basketball court and some shops. This place ain't that popular. As in only a few go there. So I wonder.. if there are people who actually go shopping there.. hmmm 

Spiral staircase + wall <3

From the inside of the court. It's labeled as PLAYGROUND. I thought there was a real children's playground inside. =))

View from the top. The place is mainly gray + wood but there are actually rainbow accents around. Like those chairs, for example. There are chairs with the colors of the rainbow scattered everywhere. Whatta cute twist to the monochrome theme~


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