Friday, June 01, 2012

Cher Lloyd #1: Want You Back

So Ann and I did a Cher Lloyd inspired shoot a couple of days ago. But first...can I just say it makes me laugh when she calls me by my first name in her blog posts?? =)) AHAHAHHA Nicole. EW. =)) YES DEAR, I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS. Y U CALL ME THAT? AHAHAHA Anyways, because of her, I came to love Cher Lloyd. :) I think she's awesome. @U@ And her clothes are cuuute and unique! :0 

I picked 3 of her music videos and styled myself accordingly. Due to lack of resources, I am stuck with my natural (and relatively flat) hair. ; __ ; CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE GET ME A CURLING IRON?

The inspiration:

The outcome:

artistic director: Ann Ong
stylist: me
photographer: Ann Ong
model: me

 You'll never catch me alive, coppers!!!

Many thanks to the ammaaazziinggg ANNONGZZZZZZ!

Pink cropped top from Giordano
   Black lace skirt from H&M
   Black tights with sheer stripes from HK
   Pink feather earrings from Quiapo


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