Sunday, June 24, 2012


GASP! College is taking over my life! @O@ I'm having the time of my life :D I guess I made the right decision after all in choosing which college I should go to. :) So different from high school. Finally, we are not being forced to think in a certain way and we are let loose to make decisions of our own. Wow. I'm a grown-up.. @__@ 

Ok, this is supposed to be a fashion blog with a side of photography but what's happening?? Haven't even updated my Lookbook in centuries now! @0@ I'm too busy either having fun or nerding in my own little corner. Dean's list plsohplsohpls!!! 

Anyways, even a fashionista such as myself has been struggling with wardrobe problems. I seem to have caught my blockmates' attention with my outfits during the first week (I seriously don't get you people who like my style. To me, I have weird taste hahahahaha) so now, they told me they're expecting consistency. Hala. Does this mean I have to shop every week?? Hell no! It just means that I have to be extra creative in mixing and matching my clothes to not let people notice I've been repeating. :-bd

I have an idea! Mini putoshoot in the Ateneo! Since I don't wanna bring Amore with me in school coz my bag is heavy enough, I'll just have to make use of my handy dandy iPhone to take outfit shots and force a friend to be my photographer. I'm super serious about this! I don't freakin care if people are gonna stare at me. 8D Look but don't touch. AHAHHAHA Brace yourselves. WONG IN COLLEGE posts are coming. 

For now, here are practice shots of my 3 angels. <3 




Did you know that photography can be compared to rape? I've read in an article that in the olden times, the Spanish were forcing ethnic groups to have their photos taken, only to be brutally stereotyped in the end. "Like rape, it carries little respect for that human subjectivity that makes the person what a person is. (Resil Mojares)" 


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