Saturday, June 02, 2012

Bloggers taught me this

If there's one thing browsing through blogs taught me, it's the art of STRATEGY. I wore a shirt to a semi-formal party without the fashion police having to chase after me (COZ I AM THE FASHION POLICE TROLOLOLOL JOWK). I was going through my closet and found dresses that in my opinion, I have worn too much now. I want something new but no time to make, borrow, steal or buy! And so I decided to experiment! 8D

Same colored shirt + skirt = dress! Yeeyy! Plus, a weaved waist belt to break all the orange! Paired with gold accessories to make it look more formal :) Also coz the shirt already has some gold details :)

Chopsticks on my hair! My new obsession <3 tee heee OH OH OH! And look! Fishie bit my ear! 8D

To explain the repeated-ish poses, I got super amused so I kept doing it. =) It's also fun to do! Try leaning with one hand and just let your body slide and tilt! =)) weeeee

orange studded shirt from Forever 21
orange pencil skirt from Forever 21
weaved waist belt from Tyler
leopard heels
non-disposable chopsticks!
fish earrings from Betsey Johnson
gold bib necklace from H&M
vintage-esque bow ring from Quiapo


Minda said...

You're gorgeous! I love this outfit and the color suits you well :) Thanks for checking out my blog, by the way!

Hotchocolate4Sunshine said...

cute pictures :) x angie

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