Saturday, June 18, 2011

Force is powerless to stubborn minds

I had a photoshoot again! It's been a while since my last but what inspired me today is not really all that good. A conflict arose between me and some friends and I just gotta take my mind off of everything. Anyways, we're going to have a nice family dinner here tonight to celebrate Father's Day. Advance Happy Father's Day to all daddios out there! :)

I feel like wearing my highwaist skirt today. I adore its very silky texture and how it makes you look like you have a Coke bottle figure because of the tight waistband and the pleats. =))

My hair has been short for a while now. I cut it with the use of my special layering scissors I got from Japan Home because I was inspired by my friend's Japanese-Korean hairstyle. His hair left me astonished. O_O

This outfit can be worn by girls who have a rectangular or inverted triangular body shape because of how the skirt flatters a woman's figure. And girls who are not that gifted (like me!) can wear this because the shirt has a very low neckline and it is tucked-in. I noticed when tops are tucked-in, it's more flattering in that aspect. ;> ;> yes yes? Oh and the heels lengthens and tightens the legs. Berets also adds life to hair. ;> :)

Can you tell I was feeling a bit hyper? :P

Love how my hair falls in place most elegantly here. :)

red wool beret from Paris, France
plum tube top from Zara
white printed top from Zara
red highwaist skirt from Forever 21
black waistbelt with butterfly detail from Zara
red pointy-toed heels from Payless


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