Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I like mah goodies!

Remember when I said that my family claimed there was nothing much to buy in Europe so they got me some caps? Yeah well... turns out the caps were just appetizers :O I was pretty content with them actually but I can't say no to the main course! ;) If being left behind acting as a guard dog and as the person who would take all the blame if something tragic happens would mean receiving gifts of appreciation, then by all means go travel around the world! =)) Here are SOME of the stuff they got me... SOME coz they said there are still some other stuff that are currently lost inside their luggages =))

Another hat!!! 8D a newspaper boy one!

Silky butterfly handbag from Spain :O it's beautifuulll 

Another bag :) this time it's funky. matches my style :D

... And the best surprise of all so far :O GUCCI <3

The art of giving entails the bearer to not expect anything in return and just give. I absolutely did not expect anything and was just fulfilling my household duties as a model daughter *angel face with matching halo* =)) but they got me an ultra fabulous gift 8D

Oh mummy dearest... ain't I a little bit too young for starting my designer items collection? You are spoiling me... but I don't mind :P :P I'm not rotten anyway. There's a fine line, you know? ;) I'm not really a designer buggie or anything. I mean, I don't mind shopping at fleamarkets and buying "unlabeled" stuff but looking around designer stores always takes my breath away ;D not to mention actually owning a masterpiece. Does anybody know CPR?

cool sneakers from Polo Ralph Lauren <3 

They're a little too big for me but i don't care! They're cute :D

gorgeous flats also from Polo Ralph Lauren :)


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