Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little bit Elizabeth

Like what was mentioned in my previous post, the school's theatre club (aka Dramatics Guild) which is composed of super awesome and super fabulous people :P, is doing a straight comic play The Pretentious Young ladies by Moliere. Its timeline is the Elizabethan era (in other words, the era where people wear massive extravagant clothing - usually poofy - made of layers and layers and layers of cloth). We're on a tight budget unfortunately and we don't have the time to hire a seamstress to make the costumes so... we agreed that the actors would find some costume pieces in their or other's closets. BUT it's gonna be hard or nearly impossible to find gigantic poofy skirts and large ruffled neckpieces in anybody's closet so... being in charge with the costumes and all *curtsies  to non existent fans*, I am obliged to make them. :O how, you ask? At first I didn't really know how and would just hope for a miracle of some sort.. but I researched the net and found some tutorials on how to make Elizabethan costumes :O What wonders you find in the net by people who post random things that are actually useful. :)

Creepy barbie doll O_________O here's a sample of a hoop skirt made with geena silk and twill tape :) Geena silk is a cheap and abundant-ish material and "it looks like real silk on stage when lights hit it" ~says our drama teacher Mrs. Ranada oh-so dramatically as usual. Twill tape is just thick ribbon that can support the shape of an article of clothing or can be used for tying stuff. Ignore Barbie's distorted cosplay-ish top.

Behold the Elizabethan ruff for men modeled by my other dog Oprah. And yes, I named her after the Great Oprah Winfrey. :D

Elizabethan Ruff for ladies :) obviously bigger than the men's. I made 2 of these this afternoon. That explains my slightly tired-looking face in the previous post about the hats. :P

Ruffle neckpiece for men to be worn under a coat with the ruffles popping out of the neckline. Also made two of these today. :) I need some chocolate...


Ann Ong said...

ang cuuuute ni opraaah! :)))))) :">

oo na sige na kasama ka na rin (napilitan eh :)))

Nicole Wong said...

cute din ni barbie e noh? =)))

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